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From book festivals to comic conventions!

- Latest Books -

-- Venture into the Mirror Realm --
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- Find Your Place in Outer Space -
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- A little more about the creator! -

Mia Dorsch is an artistic author. Dreaming of whimsical lands, she brings out-of-this-world ideas to life. You can find her spending her days with earbuds plugged in and lost to lyrics as she navigates fantastical realms. When she’s not daydreaming with music, you can find her behind the circulation desk at Lewes Public Library or curled up somewhere, pen-in-hand. 

- Reviews -

"The novel was an exquisite bite-sized fantasy adventure! I love the small images in the margins that kept my attention focused on the story. It's a short read but it's a fantastic (get it) plot with engaging characters, in a magical world! Perfect for casual readers."

The Right Opinion

"Reading this book from a budding young author was incredibly exciting! You can tell that a lot of thought went into planning the storyline and character relationships. The bonus illustrations at the end were creative and helped put faces with names. I understand this is the first of a series and I am eager to follow the adventures of Matthew and his new outer-space pals!


"Threads of Amends is such an amazing read! For any reader who likes fantasy, amazing character dynamics, and excellent world-building, this book is for you!"

Elsa Singer, Author of Society Secrets and The Hidden Library Saga

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